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We use the true, correct, and original name and title of the Father, Word or Son, and the Holy Spirit, which are still contained in the original Hebrew text.


The true name of the heavenly Father is Yahweh; it has been improperly substituted by "Lord."


The divine title for the Word or Son is Elohim; it has been improperly substituted by "God."


The name of the Holy Spirit is Yahshua. It has been erroneously substituted by "Jesus Christ."

There NEVER was a "J" letter or sound in the Hebrew, Latin or Greek languages; neither was there a "J" in any language until the middle ages. Therefore, such names as Jehovah and Jesus are impossible renderings of the True Name of the Father and Son. A minor investigation on your part in a good dictionary or encyclopedia would prove this is correct.  Exo. 34:5, Isa. 52:5, John. 5:43.

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